Polymer-Plastic connection
& pipeline specialists

PSEngineering specialises in Polymer-Plastic connection & pipeline for Utilities/Infrastructure/Industrial project applications.

PSE offers engineering services and solutions utilising only high-performance products & systems from Germany.


Technical Sales & Engineering Consultancy

We offer technical advice, specification & design, application technology plus appropriate installation equipment & training for all pipeline connections.

Fusion Connection & Pipeline Applications

Our expertise are in connection technology for Polymer-Plastic pipe systems. This allows us to come up with highly specialised solution for all pipelines connection applications (pressure & non pressure systems).

Pipeline Equipment & Service

PSE provides a complete range of pipeline equipment and comprehensive services of all FRIATOOLS equipment.

Training & Development

PSE provides Fusion welding training (EF & BW) and other 3Water-Pipelines courses for contractors, asset owners and engineers, based on the Connexis nationally recognized qualification programs (NZQA).
PSE – Petr Sudoma is registered assessor under Connexis NZ – Infrastructure ITO. (ID-2444)


Friatec GmbH

Technical Plastics Division - Connection technology for pipe systems has always been an area which has been technically demanding. This technology is our world. For our customers it will always make up only part of their field of responsibility. That is why they appreciate having found a partner in FRIATEC who works with them and gives them the absolute certainty to have made the right decision.

Reinert – Ritz GmbH

Founded in 1970 as an engineering company for plastic solutions, we are one of the longest-established companies in the field of pipeline fittings made of polyethylene and polypropylene (PE and PP). The choice of the right material, the right processing technique and the right product design is key to exceptional product quality. Accordingly, we utilize material from the PE100+ Association, guaranteeing the highest material quality. We exclusively manufacture and process semi-finished products resulting from injection moulding and solid extrusion. In addition, extensive testing of our products at our testing laboratory safeguards their reliability and safety.

Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH

The history of Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH begins in 1987. The Stamm and Ertl families acquired the plastics division of Bänninger GmbH, which existed since 1909. A wealth of ideas in product development and business skills helped the company to achieve fast and healthy growth. Today, Bänninger positions itself as a technological forerunner in the industry with approx. 250 employees at the main factory in Reiskirchen and at both Staßfurt factories. Additional representative offices in Germany and abroad support the global strategic orientation of the company. PSE produces with the materials, PE, PVC-U, PP-R and PP-RCT and offer our customers a dimension bandwidth of d 8 – 1000 mm for diverse moulded parts.